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Good For Others provides expertise in public relations, community outreach, marketing, strategic communications, project management, and grant proposal development. 

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Our team is dedicated to improving our communities through comprehensive engagement opportunities for the betterment of both public and private projects. Good For Others consulting focuses on building interest, motivating participation, and ensuring all projects leverage maximum support necessary for continued funding, innovation, construction, and implementation.

Good For Others has an established history of creating complex, strategic partnerships to support transformational projects. Our firm’s purpose is to collaboratively and meaningfully engage citizens in projects through informed and invested interest.  Good For Others brings stakeholders and decision-makers together to build a shared foundation of understanding and benefit.  Our successful approach results in thoughtful, organized, and meaningful consensus that meets the needs of our communities.

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“John is a dynamic leader, gifted with strengths in multiple domains. As an Achiever, he knows how to make things happen. With strengths of Competition and Significance, he can influence teams to perform and others to buy-in to his Futuristic, Strategic vision of what could be.”