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Kara DeFrias Good For Others Podcast John Valencia

New Podcast Episode: Say “Yes” and Change Your Life with Kara DeFrias

Kara DeFrias Good For Others Podcast John Valencia

Take a leap, say “yes” and change your life! Good For Others Host John Valencia and special guest Kara DeFrias talk about finding the courage to say “yes” to life opportunities can lead to ultimate contentment. From the theatre, the Super Bowl, the Oscars, and even to the White House as an Obama Presidential Fellow, learn how Kara’s decision to say “yes” in times of uncertainty has transformed her life and made it a fun, creative, and meaningful journey.

Kara DeFrias’ background is a mix of private and public sector experience, including Director of UX for Vice President Biden at the White House. She’s currently Chief of Staff for QuickBooks Online Platform at Intuit. Prior, Kara spent 4 years at TurboTax and received an appointment to the first class of Presidential Innovation Fellows. In the latter, she served as an entrepreneur in residence, reimagining the relationship between the government and the people from a technology perspective. She was senior advisor to 18F’s executive team, TEDxIntuit founder, and Oscars and Super Bowl staff.

Kara does pro-bono digital strategy for the likes of Team Rubicon; spent ten days in rural India teaching micro-entrepreneur women human-centered design; and guest lectures at the University of California San Diego STEM Academy for high school girls. She graduated summa cum laude from Penn State with a master’s in instructional design and was a finalist for San Diego Woman of the Year.

Check out more of Kara’s work on her website