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Nonprofit Institute Announces COVID-19 Survey Results

Key findings from the April survey findings include:

  • Demand for nonprofit services is increasing while 71% of nonprofits are experiencing a service disruption.
  • Three-quarters of all nonprofits report loss of fee-for-service revenue.
  • Over 60% of all nonprofits report a decline in individual donations.
  • There has been a significant and unprecedented reduction of the nonprofit workforce with 53% reporting staff furloughs, layoffs, reduced hours, and/or reduced pay and more layoffs expected in the future.
  • Nonprofits are responding to new demands and challenges by shifting programs online, working remotely, and collaborating in new ways.
  • Beyond needing essential financial support, nonprofits need assistance with reevaluating fundraising strategies, financial scenario planning and managing stress and anxiety of staff and clients.

For more about this report, visit: The Nonprofit Institute Report