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Nonprofits Need Your Support Now More Than Ever

COVID-19 is changing the landscape for the future. As businesses reinvent how they will stay alive through these difficult times and prepare for reopening, the uncertainty for nonprofits is even direr. Similar to for-profit businesses, nonprofits were not prepared for a pandemic. Most nonprofits live on a very tight budget with limited cash on hand and most of their livelihood dependant on individuals, foundations, corporations and government funding to keep their doors open.

Right now there is a lot of attention on businesses trying to keep their lights on, but what about the nonprofits terrified about their future? Now is the time to support your favorite nonprofit and donate. Think of all the nonprofits that will be forced to cease operations. Money is tight for everyone right now, but if you want to see your favorite nonprofit make it through COVID-19, then go to their website right now and make a donation.

Nonprofits are scrambling to turn in-person fundraising events and programs into virtual opportunities. Think about how hard that will be for each organization to provide the meaningful experience one gets in an in-person event now switching to a virtual format. We must support these organizations. Sign up for virtual events and figure out how to encourage your friends and family to join you. We must unite and support nonprofits now as they quickly try to figure out how to keep their supporters engaged. Go now to your favorite charity’s website and make a donation, even if you already gave this year. Then go to social media and urge all your friends to do the same.

Join the #LoveMyNonprofits Challenge by using this hashtag on social media when you encourage your friends in helping to keep nonprofits alive! Who’s with me?